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The mission of the New Bethel Cathedral Ministry is a commitment of dedication to share the message of God's love to all, by imitating the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, who not only told people about God's kingdom, but showed them how much God loved them by actions of unconditional love. The main thrust of our ministry is to assist in meeting the physical and spiritual issues of the lives of God’s people.
The main focus of our mission is Souls. We love Souls. We are here to lead Souls to Christ and nourish them in the word of God. We will endeavor to fulfill this great commission by clothing the naked, housing the homeless, feeding the hungry, healing the sick, bridging the generation gap between our youth and seniors, promoting the family, being a training ground and launching pad for ministers of the gospel of Christ, and by helping those -- not only inside, but outside as well. We are God's instruments in providing an atmosphere where the transforming grace- filled experience of God's love abounds in all that we do serving others.
Our mission is building and reaching out to the community by serving as we assist and give back to our communities.
Hence our mission can be summarized by stating that we are a church family that looks forward to demonstrating our love, which is motivated by God, to all in every walk of life with the unconditional love of Jesus.
Reach, Save and Teach…
Reach - through prayer, fasting, evangelism, outreach and community gatherings
Save - through the Word of God, Jesus Christ
Teach - every soul to know who they are in Christ and to help build the kingdom of God
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New Bethel Cathedral C.O.G.I.C.
457 Fox Hill Road
Hampton, VA 23669

Sundays @ 11:00 A.M.