New Bethel History


The History of Administrator Dr. Melvin L. Austin and New Bethel Cathedral Church of God in Christ



The ministry that God has given the Pastor of New Bethel Cathedral COGIC, has been blessed and is a blessing. Many souls have accepted Jesus Christ through this ministry.

The Lord chose Administrator Dr. Melvin L. Austin as the Pastor of New Bethel in 1983. At that time the church was located on Patterson Ave. in Hampton, VA. With only a few faithful members, which included his wife, Evangelist Claudine T. Austin and their two daughters. Dr. Austin continued to let God use him to grow the ministry. The church was very small and needed repairs. Elder Austin and the congregation continued there, working on the building--and working on building souls. God said in His word that He would bless us with pastors after His heart, who would feed His people. God ordained Pastor Austin to step up to the plate, refuse mediocrity in ministry at any level and lift up the name of Jesus.

Pastor Austin focused on the vision that God had given to him - SOULS. His vision is yet to lead souls to Christ, nourish them in the Word of God, clothe the naked, feed the hungry, heal the sick, bridge generation gap between the young and old, promote the family, expand the Kingdom of God, continue to be a launching pad for ministers of the Gospel of Christ, keep the mission of Christ foremost in the New Bethel Ministries and deliver God's people by the power of Jesus Christ.

The Lord grew the ministry under Dr. Austin's leadership. Souls were saved. The vision began to be manifested. God gave such increase that the pastor and congregation had to move to another edifice. To God be the glory!
On the first Sunday in the month of October, 1991, Adm. Dr. Austin and the New Bethel Congregation began worshipping at 56 Harris Creek Rd. in Hampton, VA. This was the unfolding vision given to him by God. The membership had grown to approximately 200 souls. God inspired Elder Austin to name this church "New Bethel Cathedral" Church of God in Christ.

Administrator Dr. Melvin L. Austin is a visionary, who follows the leading of God. He is a God inspired leader whom God has blessed to lead His people to higher grounds in serving the Lord. He is a man of vision with a purpose and a plan from God, who motivates many to release their God-given potential. Adm. Dr. Austin is an inspiration to all - from children to the seniors. His arms are open to all, without respect of persons.

Administrator Dr. Melvin L. Austin is a family man. He has been married to Mother Claudine T. Austin for 39 years. They work together, as a team, in the ministry. Pastor and Mother Austin have been blessed with two daughters, Chandra and husband, Ikego, Courtney, a precious grandson-Cordell, and a lovely granddaughter-London. The Austins are a loving family. Their children love them and also take a very active part in
the ministry.

The membership at New Bethel Cathedral increased tremendously and the ministry is steadily growing. God opened the door that brought us to this present edifice - 457 Fox Hill Rd. This ministry reaches far beyond these walls. The above history skims the surface of what God has done and is doing at the New Bethel Cathedral, under Administrator Dr. Melvin L. Austin's leadership.

We invite you to "Come Be A Part of the Vision."