Our Ministries


Church Administrator 
Pastor makes appointment to this position. Chairperson works diligently and faithfully with the Pastor and fully comprehends the Pastor's vision for the church. The chairperson assumes responsibilities of church operations, allowing the Pastor to focus on his pastoral duties. 
Official Board 
All licensed officials: Elders, ministers, deacons, missionaries and aspirants are members of the Official Board. 
Finance Committee 
Responsible for the overall stability of the church: paying bills, receiving and recording of tithes, offerings and any other monies raised or given to the church. 
Pastoral Secretary 
Responsible for all administrative responsibilities involving the Pastor: scheduling appointments, maintaining schedule for meetings and notifying all auxiliary leaders of any information that pertains to the ministry. 
Church Clerk 
Responsible for Sunday morning announcements (must be approved by the Pastor), Sunday morning bulletins, scheduling meetings with the Pastor, recording notes from business meetings and recording and updating members information. 
New Member Department 
Records vital information concerning members and remains in communication with new members. Ensures a smooth transition from new members to seasoned saint. 
Public Relations Department 
Responsible for notifying the public of up-coming events and special programs through the media. 
Sick & Shut-In 
Mail cards and/or other expressions of kindness to sick or incapacitated members. 
Deacon Board 
Apt to teach biblical principles. Spiritual Armour bearers of the Pastors. Assists the Pastor in fulfillment of his vision. Must live a holy, spiritually uplifting lifestyle. 
Brotherhood Department 
Teaches leadership principles and unity among the brothers of the church. Assists and supports in the spiritual development of men. Leaders should be spiritual role model and should be positive role models for men. 
Young David's 
Develops leadership and unity of young men ages 8-17. Guidance is provided for young men to enhance their spiritual development. Leaders should be role models and should provide interesting and age appropriate activities for this age group. 
Women's Ministry 
Promotes spiritual unity and growth among the sisters of the church. Responsible for the overall cooperation of YWCC, which includes the Missionary Board, Prayer & Bible Band and Purity Class. All women of the church are members of the women's ministry. 
YWCC (Young Women's Christian Council) 
Primary Purpose is to gather women age 18 and over to promote unity among the women and endeavor to support the women to live productive Christian lifestyles. 
Missionary Board 
Responsible for missionary duties, provides training, teaching and seminars. Aids and assist the sick and shut-in. Must be actively involved in official services of the church: Holy Communion, Baptism, etc. 
Prayer and Bible Band 
Responsible for alter prayer and Bible study resources: Include the Holy Bible, C.O.G.I.C Bible Band book or any other materials that have been pre-approved by the Pastor. 
Purity Class 
Caters to young ladies ages 13-17 years. Guides these young ladies into womanhood by development of their characters using Christian standards as the focal point. These values are taught through classes, seminars and activities in and out of the church. 
Singles Ministry 
The single members of the congregation are able to develop their interest and values to realize their unique roles in God's Kingdom. 
Couples Ministry 
Married couples come together to learn and discuss methods of keeping their marriages fresh and happy using Christian principles. 
Youth Department 
Teaches, trains, motivates and assists our young people to become effective workers for the Lord, both inside and outside of the church environment. 
Heaven Special Children 
Created for children with special needs (physical and/or mental). Serves as a resource center and support group for parents and activity center for the children. 
Evangelistic Department 
The main thrust of this ministry is to evangelize the word of God through witnessing, testimonies and the preached word. The flame of evangelism should burn into the hearts for mankind everywhere. 
Alter Workers 
Assist the Pastor with those that come to the altar for prayer. These persons must have a sound mind to be able to work and pray with/for people to help them receive their spiritual breakthrough. 
Music Department 
Spiritually enhances the worship service through songs and praise. Members should be prayful and devoted to this ministry so that the music will create a rich spiritual experience for the listeners. 
Arts Department 
The Arts Department includes the Theater Company (New Impact Theater Company), Praise Dancers, Gospel Mime and Step Group. New Impact Theater Company members are both adult and children. The Dance and Mime Groups mainly include children and young adults. All children are encouraged to participate. 
Usher Boards 
Maintain the comfort of each worshipper during the course of the service. Seats members and guests. Maintain order, keeps foyer cleared and maintains the general upkeep of the sanctuary after service. The usher boards include: Men, Women, Teenagers and the younger children. 
Nurses's Board 
Aids any and all who attend the worship service and provide general medical assistance when needed. All nurses are required to receive First Aid and CPR Training. 
Must be spiritual and show kindness in entertaining strangers, visitors and special guests. Must be pleasant and maintain joyful expressions.
Oil Ministry 
Through prayer and supplication, the oil is consecrated to God. It is then given to the congregation for use in whatever area they deem necessary - i.e. sickness. 
Noonday Prayer 
The bible declares that men should always pray and not faint; therefore, noonday prayer benefits the church family, community, city and the entire world through effectual, fervent prayer. 
Kitchen Committee 
Responsible for any and all activities involving food, beverages and the use and upkeep of the kitchen facility. 
Sandwich Committee 
Makes sandwich for weekly distribution by the Salvation Army and for procuring all necessary items in order to make this program a success.
Food Pantry 
Available for those with a proven need for groceries. This service is available to both members and non-members. Food is disbursed free of charge. 
Responsible for beautification of the church through the use of appropriate floral arrangements. 
Audio Technician 
Maintains and monitors all the sound systems in the church. Only those assigned this task are allowed to adjust the equipment. 
Video and Audio Production 
Ensures the video taping of church services. Should develop and maintain a video history of our church. 
Ensures photographic file of church events. Should develop and maintain a pictorial history of church events.